12 Ironing Tips That You Should Know!

Few months ago, I wrote an article where I listed my suggestions on how to avoid Ironing clothes.  That was intended for those who have no time to do the chore, for those who do not know how to do it and for those who swore to themselves that they will never do the chore ever! You may read this article in the following link.  


Now, I have written this article with an intention to help those who is ironing clothes for different reasons whether they want it or not. In this article, I will provide tips on how to iron clothes which I learned from my own personal experience, friends, relatives and from different reading materials about home caring that I have read. I hope you can take something with you from this article. 

Enumerated below are the tips I am sharing with you.  

1. Buy the iron that fits you. Designs and features of irons have evolved through the years. There are irons with built-in water spray, attached steamer, anti-burn control or auto switch-off feature and there are those which are powered by solar energy.  Those are good features that you may be happy to avail but I only have three things that I suggest you give more importance when buying a clothes iron.   

   a. Easy to operate. Instructions are clear 

   b. Low Electric Consumption. Check the wattage.  350 watts is the lowest I believe. I am not so sure though.

   c. With Anti-burn feature to avoid fire if not turned off immediately after use. 

2. Have an ironing horse with height up to your waist level.  This will enable you stand straight while ironing clothes instead of stooping down much that can hurt your back. Choose the pointed one to easily iron the corners of the clothe such as the shoulders and chest parts 

3. Iron in batches.  15 to 20 clothes are enough for me in one batch. This is to save electricity consumption and to avoid being too exhausted. You can add or take a few depending on your stamina.  

4. Iron light and smooth clothes ahead of thick and rough clothes. Light and smooth clothes require low temperature to be unwrinkled while thick and rough clothes require high temperature. Ironing at random may prompt you to adjust the temperature from low to high or high to low frequently which can be damaging to your appliance. 

5. Iron clothes when they are almost dry. Clothes are easier to iron when it is still a little wet. The wrinkles will be removed easily as the iron fully dries the clothe. You can spray the clothes with water before ironing them or you can iron immediately after spin drying the clothes from the washing machine.

6.  Have the right temperature for the clothes to be ironed. Check the instructions on how to choose the right temperature for specific fabric. This is to avoid burning it and remove the wrinkle efficiently. You can also estimate the hotness of the   iron by pressing it on the ironing pad and feeling the pad by your hand.  

7.Clothes that contain stickers, embroidery, paints and prints that may be destroyed or faded must be ironed from the back side of the shirt.  See picture below. 

8 Buttons of polo shirts must also be ironed from the back side. 

9 Wools, silks are better unwrinkled using a steamer instead of electric irons. As well as the synthetic like wools and silks.  

10. Ensure that your iron is clean especially the base. You can wet a cloth with a vinegar, dip it on a baking soda and rub it on the base of the iron. Ensure to remove the stains on the base  Wipe also the other parts of the iron. 

11. Choose an iron board cover that is water, heat and stain resistant. You can buy them from your favorite supermarkets. Better if it is washable so that you can wash it when it becomes truly dirty. 

12. Hang with a hanger or fold the clothes you ironed properly. Of course, keep them in a clean cabinet or wardrobe.  

Lastly, never forget to turn off the iron and pull the plug after ironing your clothes. This is a safety protocol to bear in mind.  

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