Can Mung Beans Give You Arthritis? Truth Be Known!

Mung beans are those cute little green beans packed with multiple nutrients. According to the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines it is a very cheap source of plant protein, good source of calcium and sodium and provides vitamins A, B & C. Its scientific name is Vigna Radiata. 

Unfortunately, in more than 20 years or so our family avoided cooking and eating mung beans and its sprouts. Why? because of arthritis. My husband got an early attack of gout in his late 20s. He was not able to walk straightly for a month because of the pains on his toes and could not carry anything because of the pains on his fingers. We were not yet married then.  

According to the doctor who gave the diagnosis to my husband, gout is due to high level of uric acid that got stuck up in the joints of the body. The uric acid crystals cause the joints to swell making it painful to move the fingers, the toes, the knees and other joints that have it.    

With God’s mercy he got well after medications. The attack did not repeat until now because he diligently followed the advice of the doctor to stay away from food that gives much purines. One of these food, as they say, is the family of legumes that includes mung beans.  

Our family’s diet without mung beans ended when my husband and I read an article from the Philippine National Nutrition Council saying that the common belief regarding mung beans causing or worsening arthritis is untrue.  

Our Favorite Recipe For Mung Beans. 

“Ginisang Munggo” or Sauteed mung beans is our most favorite mung beans recipe. This is sautéing mung seed in garlic, onions, tomato and pork. Mixed with Ampalaya leaves or Ampalaya fruit and topped with shredded tinapa or smoked fish, this dish is very delicious. By the way Ampalaya is Filipino for bitter gourd. Ensure that mung beans are cooked well by boiling it from 15 to 20 min or until it is very soft.  

Next most favorite of the family is “Lumpiang Togue” or mung sprouts spring roll. It is also easy to cook, just Sautee bean sprouts in onion & garlic, add fried & cubed tofu (optional) and minced carrots (also optional). Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook the sprouts well.  Cool the mixture a little , wrap it in a spring roll wrapper then fry it until golden brown.

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Mung beans sprouts are available in the market or grocery stores but if you want to ensure its freshness you can do it yourself.  It is very easy. Follow the instructions below.     

1. Get a 1.5 litter pet bottle. Put a hole at the bottom and a small opening on top. See photos below.  

  1. Fill the pet bottle with mung beans reaching one fourth of the height of the bottle when laid horizontally. See photos below. 
  1. Turn the bottle vertically and water the mung beans. Ensure that all the beans are watered.  

4. Drain the water totally then put the pet bottle in a bag lying horizontally. Keep it away from any light. 

5. Water the beans and return it to the bag daily. 

6. After three days sprouts shall begin to show. See photo below. 

  1. Harvest after 5 days. You may cook it as a spring roll or sauté with garlic, onion and fried tofu.  

As I have written here in my blog, too much of anything is bad. Even if they now say that mung beans do not cause arthritis, please keep eating mung beans and mung beans sprouts in moderation. 

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