Easy Way to Grow Green Tea Plant 

Another favorite tea of ours is, green tea. Its taste is very delighting and its aroma is very soothing. Since we love the tea very much, our happiness was overflowing when a friend from our parish gave us a green tea plant. Sadly, that happiness did not last very long when one morning, few weeks after we received it, We saw it bent to the ground. 

Green tea plant

 We don’t know what happened but we suspected that a rat dug a hole around it because we remember watering it with rice water. The smell of the rice water probably prompted the rat to look for the rice which it thought existing so it dug around the pot. We replanted our green tea plant and put in a high place where rats won’t easily find it.  Good thing is that our green tea plant did not die.

Green tea has lots of benefits according to people we know. It can help you lose weight, relieve stress, prevents diabetes, freshens breath, prevents cancer and many more. This is one of the herbal tea plants that we grow at home. You can check out the article below to know the other tea plants we grow.  


How do we easily grow our green tea plants? Here is how! 

Planting or replanting. 

Our green tea was given to us as a small plant. We did not repot it until it grew a little more after a month or two. We prune our plants once in a while.   When we see it growing tall above 2 feet, we cut about six inches from the top and replant it. When we notice new stem branching out which is more than 6 inches, we cut the stem and replant it to another pot. Pruning makes green tea plant healthier and it helps in propagating the plant. The more green tea plant we grow, the more green tea that we can drink and enjoy.  

We recycle pet bottles to make pots. We cut it in halves and put a hole half an inch from the bottom. In this way the pot can retain water longer. Please click the link to see video below. 



We water our green tea plants once a day. We sprinkle about half of glass of water only for each pot. Once a week, we give them rice water as a form of fertilizer.  Click the link below to see the video.



Aside from showering our green tea plant with rice water, we also nourish them by mixing compost to their soil once or twice a month. We do our own compost at home.  You can check the article below on how we do it.  


Protection from insects and pests. 

Caterpillar and aphids are the common parasites of our plants.  To avoid infestation, We spray water and dish soap solution to our plants. We mix 5 tablespoons of common dish washing liquid to a gallon of water, shake it well and spray it once a month to our plants.    

Dishwashing soap

 How do we make green tea from our plant? 

There are two ways that we brew green tea. One is by using fresh leaves and the other is by drying it. We seldom brew tea from dried green tea leaves. What we usually do is that we pick 5-7 bigger leaves from the plant, wash it, put it in our tea brewer, add hot boiled water, wait for five minutes and presto a cup of green tea is served.   Click the link below to see the video.


We also dry green tea leaves, especially when we are going out of town. We dry it for a week, put it in a canister and we have green tea available where ever we go.  

Side effects of green tea. 

There are some who say that green tea contributes to Acid Reflux or GERD. Whether it is true or not we suggest to consume green tea moderately. Remember, anything taken excessively is detrimental.  

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