Good Reasons Why I Keep My Faith!

I strongly believe in one true God, the Father who created this world and breathed life into it. I believe that Jesus Christ, His son, died for my salvation. I believe that the Holy Spirit guides me as I live my life. I believe ‘that my existence in this world has a purpose.  I believe in heaven and the life after death. These are some of my beliefs. I will hold on to these beliefs as long as I live. That is my faith.  

I know that there are people who disagree with my beliefs.    I know too that there are many who have different beliefs from mine. As I checked the internet, there are thousands of religions all over the world and most probably, they are all claiming that their faith is the one true faith. The one that will prevail.   

I hate arguing about religions. True that I share my faith with others I don’t know and even try to convince them to embrace my faith but I do not argue about it. If after sharing my faith and they clearly say no then I stop and respect their free will.   

As I grow old, I endeavor to grow in my faith. I think the best way of growing in faith is thru prayers. Praying makes me feel connected to my God. There are times that I pray spontaneously and there are times that I pray liturgically, meaning I pray memorized prayers. One memorized prayer that me and my family recite is the Holy Rosary. You can click the link below to know the reasons why I pray the rosary.

This article is not written to evangelize anyone into my religion but just to let everyone know how keeping my faith has helped me live my life.  I hope many can agree and confirm my reasons even if they belong to different religion or denomination. 

My faith gives me hope and I am at peace. There are many uncertainties in this world.  Our future is not on our hands and no matter how we prepare for it there is no guarantee that it will be the way we want it be. Usually, we tend to perceive the future with what is happening today and we get scared. This fear makes us anxious. Our mind becomes unpeaceful.  

My faith gives me hope. Hope that comes from the Lord our God. Hope that gives me peace of mind knowing that if I surrender everything to my God then everything will fall into places. Truly, it is difficult to rely on what you cannot see but my faith that comes from the Lord keeps me hoping in Him. 

My faith makes me charitable. Believing that the Almighty gave me every single thing I own makes me humble. There is this encouragement within to give thanks to the Lord and heed to His calling to help others. Loving your neighbors as you love yourself is a way of loving God back. 

My faith helps me forgive. Forgiving someone who has truly hurt you is very difficult especially when he or she is very close to you. The faith I have truly works in me. Thinking that my Lord forgives me every time I sin makes me realize that I have no right not to forgive and I am humbled. 

My faith teaches me patience. Following God means knowing and understanding His ways. I learned that the God I worship is full of patience and compassion. He is slow to anger but quick to forgive.  I ought to imitate him in everything I do and in all my dealings.  Yes, it is very difficult. In fact, I am still a work in progress. 

My faith makes me want to keep loving. Loving God with all my soul, with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my strength and loving my neighbors the way I love my self are the two greatest commandments that my Lord Jesus taught us. I aspire truly to obey it.  

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