Good Reasons Why I Love Cleaning!

To love cleaning is easy when you are cleaning for love. This is what I realized when I started to have a family of my own. From a careless person who always finds a reason not to clean I suddenly became someone who finds good reasons why everyone should love cleaning.  

Actually, I started to embrace cleaning few years after our wedding. In the early years of our marriage my wife did all the cleaning. She washed the dishes, cleaned the house, made the kitchen tidy, did the laundry and many more.  Most of the time that I came home, my wife would be so tired that she would have a little time for me. I didn’t like that. I thought that if I want to make our marriage last then we got to have more time for each other so I decided to help my wife with the house chores. Initially, I owned the washing of the dishes after dinner and the cleaning of the toilet every Saturday. You can read about one of my experiences in cleaning our bathroom in the following article,

Of course, the garage is my territory ever since. After my wife and I got married I stopped having may car washed in the shop instead I wash it on my own.  

At this time, after twenty years of marriage, cleaning is already a habit for me. My wife and I help each other in maintaining the cleanliness of our home. We regularly clean our house with each part of it given a schedule every month

After many years of my personal experience in cleaning, I truly have realized its benefits and the good things that it has done for me. These are the good reasons why I love cleaning and why I think you should do too. Let me enumerate them for you.  

  1. It is a good expression of love.  

Love is expressed not only in words but more with actions. Love expressed with actions is deeply true. Keeping your entire house tidy, seeing to it that your family wears clean clothes and making sure that you eat using sanitized plates and utensils are proofs that you care. You care for their being because you love them. 

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Cleaning for love.
  1. It is one good thing to pass on to your kids 

We all want to pass on something to our children. One good thing that we can pass on to our children is the habit of cleaning and being tidy. Encouraging your children to doing house chores is easier if they can see that you yourself is doing it. Be their role model and the habit of cleaning shall be instilled in their minds.  

  1.  It is a good bonding for your family.  

Getting together to do a common thing for a common good bonds people. Schedule a general cleaning day for your house every month where the entire family is cleaning the entire house. This is accomplishing one common good for everyone in the family. It can bond you more.  

Cleaning as a family bonding.
  1. It is a work out that benefits you and others. 

Working out is good for the health. It keeps us fit and strong. Running, swimming, biking or lifting are good exercises no doubt about that but it can benefit more of yourself and less of others. Why not do something that benefits you and others almost equally. Try cleaning your house. It can accomplish something beneficial to yourself and others.  

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Cleaning is a great work out
  1. It is good for your mind and soul.  

There is a saying that that goes like this, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. I think I agree with it. Keeping your surrounding clean is kindness to others and cleaning for others is a selfless act. Also, cleaning can divert your busy mind into another perspective. It can help you release negative emotions relieving you of stresses.  


What I have listed above are the major benefits of cleaning for me.   What about you? Do you agree or you have your own list. I hope you share it with us by leaving your comments below. 

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