Good Reasons Why We Love To Cook! 

My husband and I love to cook. Sometimes, we cook together but more often we cook alone. When we got married, my husband didn’t know how to cook. He just learned it after, I think, around 10 years of our marriage. On the other hand, I have known how to cook since I was in high school. My mother taught me how and in turn, I taught my husband. Actually, after some years of cooking, there were times when I thought that my husband cooks better than me already. In fact, he taught me how to cook Sisig (delicious Filipino pork dish or appetizer} with simple recipe. See link below to read more about it.

Cooking may be a difficult house chore but it gets easier the time you enjoy it and it becomes a piece of cake the time you begin to love it. I think that is what happened to me and my husband. Our cooking has become our stress reliever. That is just one of the reasons we love to cook. There are more. Let us begin enumerating.

Stomach Satisfying 

Of course, the very first reason why we love cooking is that it satisfies one of our important physical needs. It diminishes our hunger. Cooking satisfies our stomach especially when the food we cook is delicious. 

Heart Satisfying

It is truly a boost when you hear others complimenting your cooking. When your loved ones say, ‘It is truly delicious’, it satisfies your heart, removing your tiredness.  

Cost Effective 

It is not always cheap cooking your food. There are times when a similar food served in a restaurant cost cheaper than when we cook it by ourselves. It maybe because of the ingredients we used or the process we applied.  Even so, cooking your own food is still cost effective because you are sure that what you get is what you deserve though seldom, we get more experience and not more delicious food. I hope you know what I mean. 

Increases Creativity and Resourcefulness 

As you love cooking you will love exploring and try different things which can improve your skill on it. One of the things my husband I explored recently is if we can cook lasagna using just an Air Fryer. You may read about this in the following link.

Also, we explored on how we can maximize use of our rice cooker especially that we have lessened eating rice lately. You may read about it in the following link.

There are times when the ingredient needed is not available and we had to explore a possible replacement. This is one good use of the internet for us. Some of examples of this is using Sayote instead of Carrot or Potato. Substituting leeks for onion and extracting oil from chicken skin as a replacement for cooking oil.   

Gives Healthier Food  

When you cook your own food there would be better chances that what you eat is healthier. Would you feed yourself or your family spoiled meat or vegetable? Would you add unhealthy ingredients to the dish you are cooking   for your loved ones? Of course not. 

Also, as you cook your food, you ensure its cleanliness. 

Improves Patience   

Patience is improved thru cooking in many ways. You learn to accept that people may not like your cooking even by your loved ones. That happened to me and my husband many times.  

Another is that when you are cooking as a couple you learn to give and take or else the fire will start and grow. It was not peaceful at the start when my husband and I began cooking together but I believe that patience prevailed.  

Patience is truly important when cooking because mistakes, spoilage, spillage, waiting, cuts and burns are all part of the package. 

Improves Relationships 

When two or more are cooking together, such as husband and wife, brothers and sisters, father and daughter etc. There is a high possibility that their relationship with each other will be stronger. The laughter, joy, arguments, understanding, forgiveness, teamwork and many more will improve the relationship.  

Gives Joy  

 It is a joy knowing your family love the dish you cook. It is a joy giving healthy food to the people you care for a lot. It Is a joy that you cook with your husband. It is a joy that my husband cooks for me. It is a joy to learn new skill. It is a joy to share your talents. Indeed, there are many joys in cooking.  

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