How Do We Make Compost At Home? Good To Know Tips!

Garbage is a global issue that needs to be resolved by every human being living on this planet. Government and social civic groups can do as much but without the help of general population, all laws plans & projects created to reduce garbage collection and protect mother nature will fail. Everyone must be concerned. Everyone must do their part.  

At home, we try as much as possible to minimize throwing garbage. We have not yet achieved 0% waste management but we can confirm that we reduced our wastes tremendously in the last five years. We did much reducing, recycling & reusing. See things below as results of our conserving actions.  

We collect pet bottles and use them for many things but mostly for planting.  

We collect boxes of fresh milk for different crafts such as this one, a play box for our cats.

These are just two products of our 3Rs and we shall write an article about it in the future.

Another good way that helped us reduce our garbage is by making compost. Composting is turning your biodegradable or organic waste into soil that can be used for planting. We have done this for quite some time already and we are happy at how our garden became healthier. 

How do we make our compost at home? It is not very difficult. Here is to share our practice with you and hope it can help you too. 

  1. In our kitchen, we have a container where we put our cooking debris such as peels, seeds, vegetable and meat scraps.  We make use of ice cream container for this purpose. We throw the content to our compost bin every three days or once it is full whichever comes first. This is to avoid the rotting smell. We cover the container tightly to avoid insects feasting on it.
  1. We add grocery paper bag to our compost but we do not throw them to the bin immediately after shopping. We cut them into pieces large enough to be used in cleaning. We use it to wipe tiny pieces of vegetable and meat pieces filtered on our kitchen sink.  We also use them in wiping sauce and oil from pans and plates before washing them. We also use it to pick up dirt and dead insects from the floor.
  1. In our article below, we explained that we used biodegradable materials including shredded plain papers and plain card board boxes cut into small pieces as litter sand for our cats. These are also thrown to our compost bin as we clean our cat’s litter box,
  1. We add dried leaves that we pick up from the ground or those dying from the stems or branches.   We also add our coffee grounds to our compost bin.
  2. We have two bins that we use alternately for our composting. These bins have small holes at the bottom enough to secrete liquid. In our experience, our compost is stored 6-8 months before it can be used as conditioning or nourishment to the soil. Sometimes when we run out of garden soil, we use 100% compost in planting.

Below is how our compost bins look like.

First compost bin at 3 months
Second compost bin at 2 weeks
We cover our compost bins.

Below is the leftover of compost we generated 2 weeks ago.


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