How To Avoid Ironing Clothes?

The task of cleaning the clothes of your family does not end after the laundry. Another step is usually done although optional. I think you know what I am referring to. Yes! You are right. It is ironing. There are times in my married life that I really felt that ironing clothes was one tedious chore that I would rather pay someone to do it for me. I thought then, if only we had much extra money that could be spent to hire a helper to free me from ironing our clothes. Unfortunately, having extra money rarely happened to us ten years ago. We didn’t have extra money to spend for hiring a house helper. I remember when my husband got an extra income from a part time teaching job for three months. I was so excited to call for a home ironing service but as I dial the number, I felt guilty. I told myself why would I spend my husband’s hard-earned money just for my own convenience. And so,  I stopped and did the ironing myself. After that incident, I thought of ways on how I could lessen the ironing of our clothes if not totally avoid it and these are what I am going to share with you in this article. I hope you continue reading.

What are the things I do to minimize ironing ?  

  1. I do not spin dry or air-dry clothes that easily wrinkle.  Sample of these are clothes that are made from cotton and linen. I hang these clothes to dry after washing then fold them immediately after picking from the hanger. I use my palm to straighten the wrinkles as I fold them neatly. I only iron them when needed. Also, I realized that linen looks ok with some wrinkles on it. 
  1. For denims and jeans, I stretch them after drying by the machine. I hang them for complete drying. Afterwards, I fold them lengthwise then fold them three times from the bottom up then pile them all inside the cabinet. I advise my children and my husband to use the one at the bottom as the wrinkles are removed after piling it for sometime. 
Denims and Jeans
  1.  As much as possible, I buy clothes that are not easily wrinkled.  Sample of these clothes are those that are made of wool, polyester and spandex 
  1. Generally, I do not iron clothes that are used only at home. In our family we have separate clothes for wearing inside and outside home. Clothes that we wear at home are usually the old ones. Like old t-shirts, shorts and pants.  
  1. Lastly, I ask my husband to do the ironing when I really feel lazy and don’t want to do it. Most of the time he agrees especially when I give in to his requests. A baked lasagna or a delicious macaroni salad most probably. What are you thinking?  

For me, ironing is truly unexciting at first and at times but that was 10 years ago. Now, as I continue to do it for my loved ones, I learned to love the chore myself but it does not mean that I love it always. That is why I thought of some ways to limit my ironing. Nevertheless, as a wife and a mother, I suggest that you learn how to do it because of the benefits it gives. Below are few good things that ironing gives from my perspective.

  1. It sanitizes your clothing. Not only because of the pandemic, we always have to sanitize the clothing we wear as it catches viruses and bacteria that may not be removed by simply having it undergo laundry. The usual victims of these are children because they can easily be infected. 
  1. It makes you and your family look neat. Mostly, wrinkled clothing is not a good sight to see. It looks untidy.  It shows some kind of indecency and makes yourself disrespectable at first glance. Let us face it, most people judge us by the way we look.  
  1.  It makes you healthier. Ironing exercises your hands and arms. It allows you to lose weight as you perspire from an hour of ironing. Make sure you iron in batches and not as you need to wear the clothing.  This is to save on electricity while you lose some pounds.
  1. It can be your time to think and rethink. Your ironing session can be your own time of meditation. As for myself, as I push and pull the iron, I can’t help but reflect on many things, plan for something and refresh my mind. 
  1. It can release tension. When I am truly mad at something or someone and it feels like I am going to explode what I do to feel better is iron our clothes. It relieves me of whatever load I have on my chest. 

Ironing is truly a tedious task. You can manage to elude it if you want but you can also learn to love it as I did. I hope you do not give up before even trying it out.  

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