How To Treat a Wounded Cat at Home ?

As we have written in our previous blogs we have five cats at home. The very first cat we have is Azul, an all- white male domestic cat. All of us in the family are fond of him. We love him and care for him.  In spite of the attention he is getting, Azul’s cat instincts push him to go out the house and wander away once in a while. There are multiple times that he was able to slip outside thru our windows and doors.  He always came back the following morning meowing and scratching on our front door.  Very recently, he got out of our house thru our open window and did not return for 3 days. We were very much worried. On the second day after he left we tried searching for him around the village. We asked our neighbors if they had seen him showing them his pictures in our mobile phones.   On the third day, in the morning, we heard his scratching and meowing on the door and we felt very glad that he had returned. When we opened the door and saw him. Our hearts dropped. Our happiness was immediately replaced with much worriedness because of the deep wound on his right cheek. See photo below.

We were worried that he might not be able to take the pain and die.  We seemed to feel what he was feeling at that moment. His meow seemed begging for help. Begging to be relieved of the pain.

Azul was the very first pet who lived inside our house. We have dogs but they live in their pens outside. He was the very first to mingle with us, sit in our sofa, sit on our lap, lay on our bed, cuddle and embrace. It was very sad for us to see Him with that wound.

How did we nurse him?

When we saw him. My husband immediately carried him and put him on a table. With warm water he cleansed the wound, applied antiseptics and covered it with clean piece of cloth. He also created a collar to protect the wounds from scratching and to protect Azul from licking the antiseptic. My daughter filmed how my husband applied the first aid.  Please click the link below to see the video.

Daily, since Azul returned, my husband does the same things for him. Cleansed the wound with warm water,   apply the antiseptic, put the bandage and put the collar .After 8 days Azul’s wounds got better. See picture below.

After 8 days.

After 14 days Azul’s wound is around 75% healed. His movements are also improving a lot. He seemed to be back to normal. We do not apply the antiseptic  and  do not put a collar on him anymore. See photo below.

After 14 days.

As of today, Azul is still recovering. We have high hopes that he would get over this situation and that his wound will completely heal soon.

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