What are the disadvantages of an Air Fryer?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my air fryer. In fact, I have blogged about how healthy cooking with it can be. You can read about it in the link below. 


Also, I have tried preparing and cooking lasagna with just an air fryer. You can check out what happened in the link below. 


You can never have it all. Even the awesome air fryer has its disadvantages and I have realized that after using it for some time now. Let me enumerate these disadvantages of using an air fryer and let me know if you agree.  

  1. It does not cook much. The usual volume or size of air fryers is between 3 to 5 liters. This space cannot cook a lot. Our air fryer is 3.2 liters, and it can only cook 5 pork chops or 1 whole chicken at a time. For our family with six members, it is not enough.  Of course, it is difficult to rely on it if you are sponsoring a dinner or if you invited guests for your child’s birthday party,  
  1. It does not cook evenly 

If you expect that the air fryer will give your chopped chicken the same color, texture and crispiness in one shot then you will be disappointed. The heat of the air fryer comes from above and it is circulated by a fan. This makes the food at the bottom and the part not facing the source of heat not cooked at the same time as the ones on top and the part facing the source of heat. The chicken pieces must be flipped and rearranged to be cooked evenly.  

3. Not the best way to cook breaded meat. I tried frying a breaded pork chop in our air fryer and I did not like it very much. I don’t know about you, but as for me I could not get the same crispiness from an air fryer what I could get from a deep fry using a pan.   

4. It takes long to cook  

Frying in an air fryer takes longer than deep frying in a pan. You can time it to prove it. As a matter of fact, I do not use my air fryer when I am pressed for time. Although at some point, this disadvantage of Air fryer is also its advantage. Why? Because with an air fryer you can do a lot of other things while waiting for your food to cook without the fear of burning it.  

5. It is more difficult to clean 

I truly find air fryer more difficult to clean than a regular pan. The basket has holes where oil usually got stuck up and difficult to remove. I use parchment paper to avoid the excess oil, but it is disposable and adds to our expenses. Luckily, I discovered Silicone Tray that is not costly and reusable 

Finally, owning an air fryer is a good choice although it has some limitations. This kitchen gadget is a supplementary to the usual cooking appliances we may have at home, and it is not meant to replace all of them. 

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