Why Do We Keep Our Dog Out Of The House ?

Our family is a pet a lover. We have cats, dogs, a fish, a chicken and a rooster. Among these, only cats and our fish are the ones we keep inside the house.  Our fish gets to live inside our house because his habitat is an aquarium that graces our living room. We chose to let our cats live with us inside our home for many reasons but that is not the topic of this article. We can write a separate blog for that.  

In this article, we will share with you our reasons why we decided to keep our dogs outside our house. We hope you enjoy reading and learn something from us. Without further ado let us begin.  

Our Cat’s Territorial Attitude.  

The very first reason why we decided to let our dog live outside our house is because of our cat’s territorial behavior. 

The second cat we owned is a female Siamese. She was very timid when she was brought to us. For about two weeks she would just hide under the cabinet and the bookshelf. We even brought food and drinks to her. It took a while before she came out of the open and let us touch her. It was long before she became friendly and allowed us to carry her.  She finds it difficult to adopt to change.  

When we adopted a puppy, we decided at first to let him stay inside our house. This was not taken lightly by our Siamese cat. The very first time she saw our puppy she released a long hissing sound and the furs on her tail stood up. She never let our new puppy near her.  There were even times when she chased him. She was very hostile to our new pet.  

To avoid further conflicts which may be good to both of our pets, we setup a kennel outside our house for our puppy to stay.   

No Time To Train Our Dog To Pee And Poo Outside 

For almost three weeks our puppy lived with us inside the house, he would pee and pooh anytime and anywhere he wanted. Our friend told us that we have to train him how to go outside when he feels defecating or urinating.  He told us that we should walk him in the morning or at night so that he would know that he could only release his body wastes outside the house.  My husband and I tried it but couldn’t keep up because of our busy schedules so we decided to let our puppy live in his kennel outside the house but still inside our fence.  

Dogs Are Good Deterrents Of Trespassing. 

Our dog guards our house and tries to prevent entry of animals and people who are unknown to him.    

My husband and I are convinced that letting our dog live outside the house is a good idea because of this reason.   From the time our puppy first started to roam our yard until now that he is already a matured dog our problems with strayed cats peeing and pooping in our yard was resolved. We were relieved of that foul smell caused by these wastes from cats.  

Our dog barks at people who stands at our gate. With his loud barking we are alarmed when we have a visitor or an intruder. 

Staying Outdoor Makes Our Dogs Healthy  

Keeping our dogs within our yard enables him to move well in a wider space unlike staying inside our house which of course has a limited area. Outside he can run and jump without breaking anything. He can roll and crawl when he wants to. These movements are good for him It makes him stronger.  

Also, our yard has plants and trees that releases fresh air which gives our dog healthy lungs.    

Another benefit, and which we are amazed to know is that letting our dog be exposed to our plants allow him to cure himself.  Yes, dog can cure himself by eating plants.  

Our Dog Outside

Lastly, It Makes Our House Free Of Fleas

Dogs are hosts to fleas. Living with a dog means living with its parasites. Thanks, that we decided to let our dog leave outside our house. We didn’t have to worry much about fleas’ infestation that could irritate us especially our children. 

Letting our dog live outside our house does not mean we love him less. It is just that letting him live outside our home means more good than harm and I think he agrees with it.  

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