why is my child addicted to roblox

Why Is My Child Addicted To Roblox? The Truth!

Hello parents and guardians! We know most of you are now thinking how to discourage your child from playing games in Roblox.  Roblox has become very popular to children that it seems like every child we know are into it.

Parents and guardians are now concern about their children spending much time with this virtual gaming facility. They, most probably, are worried that their children may be addicted to it already.

Addiction in children is a serious problem and it must be given proper attention by parents or guardians. This article is not going to give you steps to identify whether your child is addicted to Roblox neither will it give advice on how to stop it. We are not professionals that can give advice to resolve behavioral problems and we will not do that.

Same as you are, we too are parents of a child who plays too much Roblox.  Same as you are, we too became worried when we noticed our youngest daughter spending long hours with Roblox.

My wife and I decided to talk to her about it and her explanations enlightened us about Roblox. We began to understand why she likes Roblox very much and our worriedness was reduced.  

But of course, we agreed that she would limit the time she would spend on online games into 3 hours a day during school-days and 5 hours a day during non-school days. This includes all online games not just Roblox.

We are sharing with you the reasons why it is enticing to play Roblox that  my daughter gave us and we hope that you take some good points from it.

Before we proceed, let us share with you our understanding of what Roblox is.

What Is Roblox?

As we understand it, Roblox is like an online playroom with numerous online games available. Children can choose to play with the readily available games or they can choose to develop their own. The games are interactive and customisable.

To illustrate, your child is represented by an avatar inside Roblox. Your child can define how his or her avatar looks like. This avatar can be enhanced with accessories, new clothes, gear, special skill or ability.

Some of these enhancements are not free and must be bought by “Robux”, the play money inside Roblox. This “Robux” must be purchased with real money thru online facility.

Roblox is free and can be accessed using smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Your child can communicate with other players inside Roblox. This poses risks to your child and you need to be observant when your child is playing it. Good thing is that we learned that Roblox has parental controls that you can implement to mitigate these risks though we are not implementing it at this time because we don’t know how it is done.  

You may want to check Roblox’s website to know more about this or you may search google and learn from experiences of other parents about it.

According to google there are millions of games available in Roblox. You can ask your child the games he or she plays on Roblox and research about it. This is for you to decide for yourself whether it is good or bad for your child.

What Are The Reasons Why Our Child Likes To Play Roblox?

As we mentioned, this article is a sharing of our daughter’s innocent but truthful insights on the topic question. We gathered her answers to and we came up with the following reasons why she likes playing Roblox.

She Can Experience Her Dream Job

When asked about her favourite game in Roblox, she answered BrookHaven RP. Why? Because she can be her dream with this game. Our child’s dream is to be a teacher and she can play this role in Roblox with her friends as her students.

It is good for my child that she is able to play with other children even if it is in virtual environment only and she is happy that she can play her dream profession.

Her Creativity Is Inspired

Another game that our child likes to play in Roblox is Build a Boat for treasure. Why? Because her creativity is inspired when she is designing a boat that must overcome many challenges along the route to the treasure.  

In this game, the player must make his or her boat efficient, durable and powerful enough to stand through the tests of the game. Another creativity enhancer to our daughter is how to make her

She Develops Patience

Our daughter exerts patience when playing Pet Simulator X. In this game coins are gathered to buy eggs that can be hatched to give her pet. The disappointment comes when the pet hatched from the egg is not of rare type. That means she has to gather coins again and accumulate until she can buy another egg hoping that the pet to hatch is of rare type.

For her this requires patience. Legendary and mythical pets are rare types of pet. Finding them is a challenge but when players are able to get one their mining capability and power is increased.  

She Finds The Games Challenging

The games in Roblox are tests to our daughter’s resourcefulness, creativity and intelligence. Our daughter is challenged by the games in Roblox that she does not want to stop until she wins the game. Fortunately, games in Roblox can be saved so it was not a problem to her  when we asked her to limit her online gaming to 3 hrs only because she can return her previous games.

She Wants To Learn How To Develop Her Own Game

Our daughter is studying and trying to learn how to develop her own game in Roblox. Yes, any child can develop a new game and they can even sell it to others. This is what we believe attracts many children to this platform. The ability to create a game by yourself.  

We cannot advise that Roblox is good for your children neither we can advise against it.  You, as parents can play with your kids. Observe its impact to them. Talk to them about it. Make your own assessment. If needed you can consult a professional.

What we have written in this article are based on our experiences as parents. You may have a different experience. Please tell us all about it in the comments section.

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