What Is That Orange Stains On The Floor of Our Bath Room?

There may be many reasons why there are orange stains on the floor or walls of your bath room and without inspecting it myself I cannot tell for sure what causes or is causing it. What I can tell you is based on my personal experience because our bath room has  orange stains also. See the picture above

I checked what is causing it and I found out that the screw used to attach the stand of our sink to the floor is already rusting and has already stained the floor.

What Did I Do To Remove The Orange Stains From Our Bath Room?

I tried some not so bad suggestions from my friends and relatives on how to remove it and I hope that you continue reading to know the end result of each suggestion.

Suggestion #1 – Use Calamansi Extract with Salt.

The steps in doing this are …

  1. Extract Calamansi Juice and pour it on the floor.
  2. Sprinkle some salt
  3. Scrub with a brush
  4.  Let it sit for at least five minutes
  5. Wipe with cloth

Result :   Negative . The stain remains.

Suggestion # 2 – Apply Toothpaste

A friend of mine suggested to apply toothpaste to remove the  stain in our bathroom as, according to her, it contains something that can whiten a surface. She claims that it can whiten our teeth so it might be able to whiten other surfaces too. Being a true friend and with a big hope that it might work. I applied about a teaspoon of toothpaste. Waited for around 5 minutes, scrubbed it with a brush and wiped it.

Result: Negative, The stain remains.

Suggestion #3 – Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

My favourite cousin, told me to try baking soda, saying that there is a big possibility that it could work because she tried it to remove stains on different surfaces and it gave positive result. The way she said it seemed very convincing to me so I tried her suggestion.  

I generously sprinkled baking soda. Scrubbed the floor with a brush and waited for a few minutes. I scrubbed it again then washed the floor with warm water.

Result : Negative. The Stain Remains

Suggestion # 4 – Lemon extracts plus salt

The friend who suggested calamansi extracts after knowing that it failed also suggested to try Lemon instead. He said that Lemon might work as it has stronger citric acid than calamansi.   The same as in calamansi suggestion, salt must be added after squeezing the extract.

Result: Negative. The stain remains.

Suggestion #5 – Bleach

My in-law suggested to try bleach. She instructed me to pour concentrated bleach on the stain and let it stay for a few minutes, scrub with brush then rinse with water afterwards. I obediently tried it.

Result: Negative. The stain remains.

My Wife’s Suggestion

As she saw me trying hard to remove the orange stains in our bath room, my wife, out of her pretty mind gave me a brilliant idea that surely worked.  The stain was not removed from the floor but it disappeared from the list of my eye sores. She suggested to cover it with a rubber mat. Very brilliant idea isn’t it?

Until now the orange stains on the floor of our bathroom is still there. All of the suggestions I got so far failed. I am not saying that they are totally untrue. Probably, it depends on the stubbornness of the stain. You can try them and prove it yourself then let me know. Take note that I have also used muriatic acid and unfortunately I got the same negative result. As the saying goes. Try and try until you succeed, I will keep on trying until I get rid of that stain. For now I am going to take a rest.  What about you, what suggestion can you give me?   Leave it on the comments below.

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