Why is first communion important ?

I have been to five first communions. My own first communion and the first communions of my 4 children. I believe that attending this sacred Catholic event multiple times made me realize its importance to personal and communal lives . This article will contain all my realizations and the reasons for my resolve that first communion is truly important.

As far as I know, in Catholicism, the first communion is the very first time a person is communed with our Lord Jesus Christ by eating from His body and drinking from His blood.  Christian Catholics believe that the bread and wine consecrated by the priest in the celebration of the Holy Mass is truly converted into the body and blood of Christ. This is called transubstantiation. Partaking in the body and blood of Christ is to receive Him with all our hearts, mind and soul.  

Jesus Christ is the son of our God who completes the Holy Trinity of our one true God. They are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is difficult to explain and understand as it is not consistent with any human logic that is why it is called a mystery. It is the mystery to which our very lives depend upon. 

What is the importance of first communion to a person’s life? 

First communion makes us know and understand the love of God for everyone who believes in Him.  He wants us always to be connected to Jesus Christ, His Son, so He allow us to partake of His body and blood making us connected to Him both physically and spiritually. God’s love for His people is everlasting and ever forgiving.  

I believe that first communion makes the communicant realize that he or she is old enough to know what is sinful and what is not. It teaches us to be responsible and do what is just in the eyes of God. A prerequisite to the first communion is the first confession. This sanctifies the communicant for the very first timer by the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In this sacrament we reflect on our past actions and identify misdeeds to our neighbors and disobedience to God. We sincerely ask forgiveness for these sinful actions from God after we admitted them thru the help of the confessor priest. By doing this we are led to realize that after the first communion we must act according to the will of God and avoid offending Him. 

Remembering my first communion brings me to the time when I was still innocent and closer to God. This reminds me that no matter how sinful I may be, I still can go back to that state of being near to the Lord the moment I confess my sins, ask for forgiveness, receive the holy communion and do my best not to commit sins again.  

Lastly, first communion is a good reminder that we ought to forgive those who have sinned against us for the Lord our God has forgiven us of all our iniquities Let us pray that He gives us the grace of forgiveness whenever we need it.  

What is the importance of first communion to a community? 

The population of unbelievers to Catholicism is rapidly increasing. More and more Catholics are converting into another religion, some to another Christian sect and worst, many turn to to agnosticism and atheism. 

As a Catholic, seeing children in white clothes, with their praying hands on their chests and processioning to receive the communion for the first time gives hope that there shall still be people of God in the future. That there still be people who shall cooperate with the Lord in His great plan of salvation for humanity. 

First communion gathers the community together for a special celebration. It reminds every one of the sacrifices of Jesus and the love of God for His people. First communion strengthens the belief that God is always true to His promises.  It gives true hope to everyone.

People with upright values who will keep sacredness of family, who will never turn its back on justice and will always give peace a chance. This is what we pray that every first communion will give to the community. 

First communion is indeed important to every person, family and community.  Let us pray that more children will have first communion every year.  

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