Good Reasons Why We Should Love Our House

10 Good Reasons Why We Should Love Our House

The house where you currently live is nice and comfortable.  You have been living there for quite a number of years already and there are no serious concerns with the structure and with the people you live with. Everything seems good until one day you wake up and you have this odd feeling that you don’t want to live in your house anymore.  You now find it boring and uninviting. You feel that you lost the love you have for the house that you called home for some years.

You have been living in the house that can just accommodate you and your family. It is not very comfortable but you can withstand it because you have to. You wanted to leave this house for a long time but your financial condition does not allow it. Everyday your disgust goes deeper and deeper.  You feel you really have to be out of this abode as soon as possible. 

 Whichever case you may be experiencing now. We wrote this article in our aim to make our readers realize that there are good reasons why we should be grateful for having a  house and why we should give it the love it deserve..  Continue reading and we hope to stop you from harboring and nurturing that ill feeling towards your house.

1. You Are Not Houseless

There are millions of people who find home in their cars, in tents, on the trees, in the park, in the pavements or on the streets. Appreciate the house that you have even how small it may be or how boring it may seem and be thankful that you are not one of those hoping to have a house of their own.

2. You Have An Asset

No matter what kind or type of house you have, it is still an asset especially if you own it. Even if its value is not that high, it is still something you can convert into money if worse comes to worst. Further, value of real estate increase each year generally speaking. There is a good chance that the one you are living in now has a higher value 5 years later.

 If the house is not yours, you can still consider that as an asset in many ways. For One, you can share the rent with others, by having a bed spacer or room- for-rent scheme. Another, you can make that house a small warehouse of the products you can sell. Whatever you do ensure that you get the agreement of your landlord.

3. You Are Free

Owning a house or being able to rent one indicates you are free. You are enjoying the freedom that seemed to be an impossible dream to many one or two hundred years ago. Love your house and be grateful of your freedom.

4. You Have A Privacy

As long as you are not causing disturbance to you neighborhood or committing a crime you can do many things in the privacy of your home that no one can hinder except of course that what you do must be acceptable to the people living with you.

5. You Are Sheltered

Rains can give you colds, too much sunshine can cause skin cancer, and snow can freeze you to death. These are just some effects of weather conditions that your house can protect you from. Know that one of the reasons why you continue to be well and still living is because you have a house that shelters you. Be appreciative and love your house.

6. You Are Secured

Your house may be small but you can lock it in the way that it can give you utmost security from thieves and robbers. This makes you better –off than people who live in tents which can be opened by any pointed and sharp objects or by those who lives in their cars who cannot close the doors for some reasons.

7. You Can Love

A house is not a home without love that is what they say. You can always turn your house into a home by filling it with love. Not just romantic love but also love of family or the one we call platonic kind of love.  If you are living alone, you can adopt a pet or plant an herb which can receive your love and care. More importantly, you can love yourself in the house you live and pamper yourself in the comfort of your home.

8. You Can Accumulate Things

 You cannot buy appliances or furniture even if you have the money but don’t have a house for obvious reason that you don’t have a place to put it. Love your house because it allows you to watch a TV while eating a popcorn on a smooth and soft sofa. Love your house because it allows you to listen to a radio and dance with your loved ones in a limited space.

9. You Can Rest Well

Your house can shelter you and give you security. If this is true, then there is a big chance that your house can also give you a well – deserved rest every night. Thanks to your house because you can have a good rest and be reenergized for the next activity ahead.  

10. You Can Save Good Memories

A house when turned into home can save you many good memories.  Would you want these memories to go away? Of Course not. Thanks to your house because it reminds you of many happy and memorable events in your life that you shared with the very people you truly love.

The reasons for loving your house we listed are based from our accumulated experiences and personal perspectives. We hope we have encouraged you to have a positive feeling about your house.   Convert your house into a home and find joy in it. If you want more interesting and helpful information about home and the things related to it visit our site regularly and together let us find True Home Joy.

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