How Do You Earn Real Money From a Money Tree?

We have a mature money tree at home. If I am not mistaken it is more than 10 years since I planted it in a pot and placed it just outside our fence. It is now a full grown tree. Actually, it has destroyed the pot where it used to be planted.

This money tree we have was a gift from our friend. He knew that my hobby is planting so one Christmas he gave me the money tree as his present. I was so curious to know why the plant is called money tree and if it is indeed a money tree I wanted to know how it can give me money. After taking care of the plant for many years. I now know the answers to my questions.

Let me answer the first question first. Why is it a called a money tree?

As per Wikipedia the scientific name of money tree is Pachira Acquatica. It belongs to the Malvaceae family and a native of the swamps of Central and South America.

A money tree has whorled leaf arrangement with each node containing 5 to 7 leaves. There are people who believe that it is a good luck to have a node with 7 leaves.

A node with 7 leaves

Its main trunk has a soft bark and it is green in the outside. Its branches turn brown when it matures. Its flower has slender petals with stamens that are very thin and numerous. Its fruit which is colored green has around 20 seeds inside. Only the seeds are edible. It tastes like nuts. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Fruit of a Money Tree

Legend tells it that someone prayed asking for wealth and was blessed with this tree. The person sold the seeds of the tree and became wealthy. The secret was shared with others who realized too that money can truly be earned from the said tree thus they called it money tree which is short for “A tree that gives money”

Can You Get Real Money From Money Tree?

The answer to this question is yes. The legendary story can happen to you. You can get real money from the money tree. Of course, it does not bear bills or gold or silver but it can help you earn money which can be the start of your good fortune. I can tell you that there are two ways you can generate money from money tree. It can be directly or indirectly.


A money tree can produce more than a hundred fruits in a year with each fruit having 15 to 20 seeds. You can plant these seeds and sell it. Imagine if you have 3 or 4 money trees then you can really produce a lot of this plant. The plant with braided stems sells a little bit higher than the untwisted ones.   You can watch Youtube for a visual tutorial on how to braid the stems of a money tree to help you generate more income.

 As for me I plant 3 to 4 seeds in a pet bottle and entangle them a little.  See pictures below.

You can also cut the stem of a money tree and bury half of it under a soil inside a pet bottle. This can also be sold once leaves have sprouted. I just don’t know if this is cheaper than the untwisted ones.

Seeds of money tree can also be sold. I saw some online shops selling seeds of the said tree.

Prices of Money Tree Seeds


Money tree helped me save money in different ways, I listed them below.

  1. Savings on gifts

Instead of buying gifts for my officemates and friends I give them a money tree with a personal message tied or attached to it. Of course, I give it to the same person once only unless they ask for it.  The fruits of the money tree just fall and crack down when it is ripe. I collect them and put it in a pet bottle and cover it with soil. I water it every day and watch them grow. I always have an available money tree plant when I need to give someone a gift.

  1. Indoor Plants

I noticed that money tree can survive inside our home with little or no sunlight. I have one in the bath room, in the kitchen and in our living room. It cleanse our air and gives natural beauty to our house. I don’t feel much loss when it dies because I have plenty of supply for free. I save on buying plants and on electric air purifier.

  1. Free Snacks

Seeds of money tree can be eaten raw or cooked. As for me and my wife we like it boiled.  It tastes like nuts and it is a good companion for coffee, tea or beer.

  1. Addition to cat’s litter sand

I also collect the dried leaves and branches of the money tree then put them in a sack or box. I add these to the litter sand of my cats. I hammer the dried branches to crush them.  I have another article about  this. You may click the link below or you may go to the Pets section of this site.

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  1. Replacement for Charcoal

Our family loves grilling meat. We grill once or twice a month. Instead of buying charcoal I use dried branches of our money tree and other trees we have for grilling. I save money from not buying charcoal.

Planting tree is good for ourselves and our environment. Let us plant trees, not just money trees, but different kind of trees whenever and wherever we can because trees give us a lot of benefits.

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