Teas We Love Can Be Grown At Home

My wife and I were not really fans of drinking tea. We choose to drink coffee over tea most of the time. We used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day..

That changed when we joined a group in our parish that aims to accompany families by giving seminars and lectures on how to resolve issues and strengthen relationships between family members especially the parents.

This group, consisting of friendly people from different walks of life, have something in common aside from the desire to help others. That is they all love to drink tea. We learned from them variants of teas and the natural benefits that comes with it.  We were told by these friendly people that fresh tea leaves are healthier than those that are already packed in tea bags found in the market.

My wife and I were inspired by these people to drink tea. We realized that we are not getting any younger and like them we also need to be conscious of our health to age gracefully. So one day we decided to start drinking tea and lessen drinking of coffee.

We started drinking tea and we followed the advice of our peers to grow plants that can give us natural tea. We are sharing with you what herbs and tea plant we grew inside our small yard. We will also let you know of some effects we noticed after drinking these tea for some time.

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What are the natural teas we drink at home?

Green Tea

A friend gave us a bottle of green tea dried leaves as a Christmas gift. It smells good and tastes good. It is easy to brew a tea out of it, we just put 3 to 5 leaves to our tea infuser, add boiling water then after 2 -3 minutes the tea is served.

Green Tea Tea Infuser

One immediate effect of this tea we noticed is that it gives us fresh breath. Another is that, it eases the pain  from mouth sores.

Many told us that green tea is good for the heart and brain. It can decrease the risk of cancer and can lower high blood pressure.  We have validated these from different internet sites and we were convinced.

We planted a green tea in a pot and we are waiting for it to become fully mature before we harvest its leaves.

Insulin Plant

Our friend who is a doctor gave us an insulin plant in a pot.  She said that it is good for people with diabetes but it is also good for those with none. She said that its leaves can be eaten raw but if this is something not so delighting then you can make a tea from it instead. You can either boil it fresh or dried. In our case we boil around 5 -7 leaves of the plant for 2 minutes and we serve it warm. The taste is a little bit weird but because we love eating sweets and we don’t want to get diabetes, my wife and I don’t mind it.  This tea plant can help control our blood sugar level and prevents diabetes that’s why my wife and I try as much as possible to drink insulin plant’s tea once a week.   

Insulin Plant

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea is our favourite herbal tea. My aunt introduced it to us. She said that it can cure sore throat and stomach pain. The internet has many websites about the benefits of turmeric tea. For us we can attest that the effects of our acid reflux subsided after drinking turmeric tea for about six months. I and my wife since we eat almost the same food and drink almost the same beverage were both diagnosed to be acidic.

Because of this we could not drink coffee as it causes stomach pain and burning throat but now I can drink 2 cups of brewed coffee a day without any ache thanks to turmeric tea.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger plant family. You can make a tea out of its leaves or out of its root crop which is colored deep yellow or orange. For us, we use the root crop to make tea by grinding it and adding hot water in our tea infuser.   

Mini Grinder Turmeric Tea


Coughing is one of the usual health concerns in our family. My mother recommended that we drink oregano tea at least once a week to prevent it and if the coughing is real hard and very frequent she suggested to put 3 leaves in a bowl put a little water , press the leaves with  hands and extract the juice from the Oregano leaves. She advised to drink the extracted juice at least twice a day.   We have followed my mother’s’ advice and has been doing it for many years now. We believe that it works for our family because we seldom have cough since then.  And our coughs are cured immediately.

Oregano is one of our regular herbal tea at home so in order to brew a fresh oregano tea we planted the herb at home. 

The internet says many interesting facts about oregano. Samples of these are that it has antioxidants and can treat many ailments, such as skin sores, asthma & diarrhea.

Oregano Plant

Ternate Tea

We drink this tea most especially when we have fever because it can lower body temperature.  Ternate tea is also called blue tea because the flower of this plant is colored blue and when you put it in a warm water, the water becomes blue as well.

The flower of ternate plant can also be eaten raw thus it can be added to vegetable salad or macaroni salad. Because this tea can also prevent cancer and can help burn fat , we also have a ternate plant in our garden and we brew ternate as often as possible

Ternate Flower Ternate Plant

There is one person we knew that lived for a century.  She is the mother of our friend.  According to our friend her mother drinks a lot of herbal tea. As many says, prevention is better than cure. One way to take care of our health is to minimize intake of anything artificial and maximize intake of natural nourishment.

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