How To Turn Your Macaroni Soup Into A Delight?

One morning, I prepared a macaroni soup for breakfast.  I cooked a kilo of macaroni for my four children and my husband thinking that they would be able to eat all of it as always. They loved my ‘sopas’ or macaroni soup too much that they ask for a second round every time I serve it.

That day was different. My husband had an early meeting that he hurriedly left home after taking a few spoon of my delicious soup. And since he takes all my children to school, everyone had to eat fast or else they would have to walk to school. The result is that there is too much left of my macaroni soup.

That was an issue to me.  I couldn’t decide on what to do with the left over? I wouldn’t want to just store it in the refrigerator and have it for dinner because I know what would be the reaction of my children. Surely, they would say “Sopas again?”. I was all alone at home and no one to help me eat the remaining food. I wanted to give it to our neighbors but then again I decided not to for some reasons that I just want to keep for myself.

So to avoid wasting the macaroni pasta, the chicken meat and the carrots I mixed with the soup, I   thought of another dish where I can use all of them.  Here is what I did.

I drained the liquid from the macaroni soup and put aside. I minced 1 medium onion and 5 cloves of garlic and sautéed the two of them in a 3-table-spoon of oil. When the garlic turned to light brown, I added 1 cup of spaghetti sauce and stirred well. I added a little sugar to make it a little sweet and added a little pepper to make it a little spicy. I added 1 cup of water and stirred again. When the mixture boiled I put off the stove and in a separate bowl put some of the sauce. Then afterwards, I mixed the macaroni pasta and other ingredients with the remaining sauce I just cooked. I stirred it thoroughly.

After stirring very well, I placed the macaroni pasta in a pan covered it and placed it in our refrigerator. I also placed in there the sauce I separated in a bowl earlier.

Just before dinner, I got the pan and the bowl with the extra sauce out of the refrigerator. I poured the extra sauce on top of the macaroni pasta ensuring to cover all the surface.  I put slices of quick melt cheese and minced green bell pepper on top of it. See picture below.

I pre-heated my oven toaster for 5 minutes then put the pan inside the oven toaster and cooked it for another 5 minutes. I added 3 more minutes to ensure that the cheese had fully melted. The result is illustrated below.

I served the baked mac I made out of the macaroni soup for our dinner. My family loved it. I loved it too. Not only because it tasted delicious but because I have avoided a potential wasting.

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