How to make liquid soaps from your bar soap scraps(DIY) ?

My husband and I reuse and recycle things at home to lessen buying as much as possible. This is not just to save money but also, in our own little way, help save our planet. Our one little way of saving is by reusing our bath soap scraps.

Do not throw the scraps of your bath soap. They still can be used and should not go to waste. The easiest way to reuse it is to put them in a container (a bowl or an ice cream pint tub). Accumulate a handful then sprinkle water on it. Just enough to soften the dried soaps. When it is soft enough, you can press it with your one hand and presto you have formed another soap you can use. Just dry it under the sun before using.

Soap Formed From Scraps

Another way to reuse the remnant of your bar soaps is to convert them into a liquid soap that you can use for hand washing and also for bathing. Let me tell you how. 

First step is to store the remainders of your soap bar in a pet bottle. Cut it into small pieces so that it can fit into the mouth of the pet bottle. Accumulate until half of the bottle is filled with soap scraps after which add a cup of water. Shake the bottle for at least 15 minutes. The goal is to soften or melt the pieces of soap so that all of it can be poured out from the bottle into a pot and to shorten the time of melting it thru boiling.


Boil the mixture with constant stirring ensuring to melt all the pieces of soap scraps. You can choose to soak the pieces of soaps one week before boiling it. This can make the cooking faster as the scraps becomes very soft and easier to melt  Add a teaspoon of glycerine to make the texture of the liquid soap thicker and smoother.  Stir until the glycerine is fully mixed. Stop boiling when all the soap pieces have melted. Wait until the pot cools a little then place it inside the refrigerator. Ensure that it is covered well so that it does not affect the food inside your refrigerator.

You may choose not to put the mixture inside the refrigerator but it will take long before it sticks together and becomes soft solid. It should look and feel like jelly. If refrigerated it takes 2 to 3 hours to achieve the desired form. See picture below

Soft Solid Soap

.Add water to the soft solid soap.  Begin with half glass of water and add little by little if needed. Stir until it becomes liquid but with thick consistency. When it is 100% liquid , transfer it to the soap dispenser using a funnel. Please click the link below to see the video showing the actual making of the liquid soap.

Different scents can be added to your soap using flower extracts. In my case I tried mixing extracts from Sampaguita flowers soaked in water for 3 days.  Sampaguita is Jasminum sambac. It has strong fragrant smell and is good for garland.

Samapaguita Extracts

You can also add disinfecting power to your soap by mixing lemon extracts. Lemon peels can be soaked in water for 3 – 5 days then stir the water in your liquid soap. Citrus are known to be good disinfectant.

Lemon Extracts

That is how I make our home-made liquid soap from soap scraps.I hope you learned something from this article. If you did please share it with your friends and together let us share True Home Joy.

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That is how I make our home-made liquid soap from soap scraps.I hope you learned something from this article. If you did please share it with your friends.

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  2. Making soapy liquid is what I do every day. Sometimes I just sit here with a knife and cut the bars into slivers that friends bring me from hotel stays. The slivers go into bottles and I put them into my bed at night. My body heat is used to warm the solution which usually takes about a month to liquify. I don’t believe in using fossil fuels to heat anything. Showers are taken with cold water that I find refreshing but I cannot find someone with my line of thinking for a relationship. Perhaps I need a Russian Bride!

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