Is Fortune Plant Really Lucky?  

Fortune plant is that plant with long slender leaves and soft bamboo-like stem.  It can grow to a height of 8 feet and its leaves can be as long as 3 feet. It is usually seen inside houses & offices because it does not require much sunlight to live. As I observed, it can survive for a long time with just a light bulb as its source of light for growth.  Many Asian believe that this plant brings good luck to those who own it that is why it is named as such. 

There are two fortune plants that I know and they are both members of dracaena families. The variety that can grow very tall as 8 feet and with long leaves is Dracaena Fragrans while the other one with slimmer stems, shorter leaves and can usually grow up to only 5 feet is Dracaena Sanderiana. We have grown both of the types at home. Please see pictures below. Both of them can be indoor and outdoor plants.  

Dracaena Sanderiana
Dracaena Fragrans

For people like me who does not believe in luck but in blessings from the Almighty above, we can still consider our selves fortunate for owning a fortune plant? Why? Below are the reasons. 

What are the benefits of owning a fortune plant ?

  • Fortune plant is easy to nurture. 

Fortune plant does not require a lot of attention. What I do is that I water it once or twice a week and expose it to sunlight weekly (for my indoor ones) and I see them thrive with no worries.  It gives me more time for other plants who require caring such as my vegetable plants.  

As an indoor ornamental, you can also put the plant, especially the Sanderiana type, in a vase with water and stone. Change the water every two weeks to avoid breeding of mosquitos or you can follow one of our tips in the following article so you need not change water for long without the risks of propagating mosquitoes.

If you have read the above article. Tip no. 1 can work for fortune plants. 

Dracaena Sanderiana with water supply for a long time
  • Fortune plant is easy to propagate 

Cut a portion of its stem, bury about 2 inches of it on the ground, water one or twice a week and leaves shall spring out of it in a week or two. You can also put the stems in a vase with water and stone and it will grow the same.  

  •  Fortune plant is one of the best indoor plants. 

Fortune plant does not require too much sunlight that is why it can a be a good indoor plant. It can be an adornment at any bare corner. The smaller fortune plant can make a table or a furniture alive.  

Fortune Plant Indoor
  • Fortune plant is a good air purifier.  

It can cleanse many air particulates that comes from smoke and dust. It can also help diminish bad odor spread in the air. 

  • Fortune plant is a good gift. 

I give plants as gifts to my friends and acquaintances A Fortune plant, as it is, is a meaningful and a charming gift much more if it is braided or decorated. I am fortunate for gaining friends because of this fortune plant. More than luck, isn’t it?  

  • Fortune plant can be a source of income.  

Propagating the Dracaena Sanderiana, also called the Lucky Bamboo does not require a lot of space. Anyone can propagate it, braid and sell it. It can be a good business you know! 

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