Terraza de Niño Resort – A Special Spot in Ilocos Sur!

In our blog regarding vacation, we have enumerated the importance of vacation to your children. Click the link below to read more of it.  

 In this short blog, we will share with you our beautiful experience in our chosen home away from home for our family’s recent yearly vacation. This place truly brought our minds and hearts away from work, school and from the pressures of the fast-paced city life. It temporarily made our clock tick slower.  What is this place? We would like to introduce to you, (drum beat please). Terraza De Nino Resort. 

Terraza De Nino Resort is located in Bantay, Ilocos Sur.  It is about 8-to-10-hour travel by bus or car and about 2-hour travel by plane. We drove our own car to go there. Google map made it easier for us to find the place. We arrived at the resort around 11 at night. The parking space was good. We were able to park our vehicle near our room. A kind attendant helped us unload our luggage. 

The room that welcomed us was simple yet very comforting. The air conditioning was great. We had a restful sleep that night.  

In the morning, the resort offers free breakfast. Their cuisine is delectable. They offer delicious local delicacies such as Bagnet, Pinakbet,  Igado , Kinilaw , Caldereta and Vigan longganisa.   The restaurant and the grill serve customers until 9PM,

Terraza De Nino Resort is like a mini zoo. They are caring for a pair of monkeys, a snake, different kinds of birds and some breed of dogs. They also have big aquariums and ponds with different species of fish.  

The resort is filled with different plants. Some we have not seen before. We bought some plants because they sell at a lower price compared with the garden stores in town.  

Terraza is situated on a hill. Some rooms are elevated while others are not. That is the reason why there are two pools (upper and lower) to serve customers from different parts.  

One special feature of the resort is that it has a chapel open for those who would like to meditate and contemplate. If you want to pause for a moment or need a long time of silence. This chapel is for you. 

Our stay in Terraza de Niño resort was truly wonderful and memorable. We really like to come back. We recommend this for everyone to try. Come visit Ilocos Sur and enjoy staying at Terraza de Niño Resort.  

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