Is it bad to humanize your pet ?

Not totally. That is my answer to people who ask me if humanizing pet is bad. It has good and bad points depending on the situation and condition. I read somewhere that a pet pig saved its owner by going out to the road, a getting the attention of a driver and leading the driver to the house where its owner is lying unconsciously. I think that pig was somehow humanized and the result was good.  

One day, I brought my son to a bite clinic after he was bitten by our dog for accidentally stepping on its tail, I saw a baby under one month being vaccinated of anti-rabies because he was bitten by their cat. I had a chance to talk to the mother and she said that she never expected their cat to do that. She said that she had left the baby and their cat sleeping on the same bed several times and she never thought that their cat would bite their baby.  This is a sample of harmful effect of humanizing pets.  

Humanizing a pet is treating your pet like a human being in different ways and different levels. It can be as simple as talking to it but can be as extravagant as dressing it up for a pet party. It can be as trivial as kissing on the lips but as serious as buying an insurance for it. As for me too much of anything is bad so I take almost everything in moderation. Me and my family do humanize our pets but we set limitations to it.     

Among our pets, our cats are the ones we humanize more. Why? Because we let them live inside our house.  Our fishes live in their aquarium, our 2 dogs live outside our house and our birds (a chicken and a rooster) have their cage or coop. You may want to know the reasons why we let our dogs stay outside our house but inside our fence by clicking the link below.

We humanize our cats when we talk to them like a person, cuddle them like a child, teaching them a little, groom and dress them up once in a while. Yes, we talk to our cats but we never expect them to understand us. We do not expect them to remember what we say and obey us like a human being. Humanizing your pet with the thought that they would listen you is bad. It can be frustrating for anyone.   

We cuddle our cats and dogs but we never kiss them on their lips and we don’t allow them to lick our face. Cat’s saliva may have bacteria that can cause diseases to humans. Even if they say that cat’s saliva can heal wounds, we still don’t let them lick our cuts and bruises. Besides, it’s a cat’s habit to lick other parts of their body and one of them is their anus plus they eat cockroaches and other insects which we find very gross. Humanizing our pets by way of licking and kissing is bad for us.  

We teach our cats and dogs easy tricks such as jumping to our lap or fetching a ball. Our cats would immediately jump off the bed or table when they hear our “Psssst”. Teaching our pets some tricks is cute but teaching them many tricks and trying to make them think like humans may have negative impact to our pets and ourselves. That is when humanizing pets go bad.

We groom our cats and dogs but by bathing them only. We bathe our cats once or twice a year and during instances when they get very dirty and our dog once a month. We do not trim their nails, brush their teeth or cut their fur. Humanizing pets thru expensive grooming is bad mostly to the owner especially when the budget is limited. Overgrooming has negative impacts to pets as well.    

We do notd accessorize our pets heavily. The litter box of our cats are recycled water containers and we shred papers, dried leaves and old wood for their litter sand. You can read more suggestions on how we take care of our pets economically in the following article.
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We save money for our children and for good human causes. One example is spending for charity such as lending money to a friend or relative, helping fire victims and others. Humanizing a pet becomes ugly when you choose spend much for your pets rather than help your neighbor in need. 

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