Our Favorite Food That We Share With Our Cats.

In our article about how we take care of our cats (please see link below), we blogged about how we acquired 5 cats and  how we trained them to eat the food that we, their owners, also  eat.

In this article we are blogging about our food that we love to eat that our cats love to eat too. We hope you continue reading.

Fish & Seafoods

Our cats love to eat fish. They can smell it when we are cooking it.  Once the aroma reaches their nostrils  they would crowd the kitchen and start meowing as if they want  to tell us ‘give us some please!’

They love the dried fish such as ‘labahita’ or surgeon fish and ‘daing na bangus’ or sun-baked milkfish. Grilling and steaming are two ways of cooking that we , our cats and us , love very much. We love grilled galunggong or blue mackerel scad  and steamed salmon.

We also share with our cats canned fish when we don’t have fresh meat available in the ref which is an indicator that we need to go to the market for our food replenishments.

Our cats and us love to  devour canned tuna and sardines. Not including the cans of course!

Among the sea foods that our family eats that are favorites of our cats are dried squid and buttered shrimp . Our cats would eat the head of the shrimps that our children avoid.

Pork and Beef

From the varieties of red meat dishes we cook at home, our cats would share nilaga or beef stew and pork bingoongan or pork with shrimp paste with us.

What we notice is that , just like us, our cats don’t eat pork fats and skins too.


Chicken adobo is our cats’ most favorite chicken dish. Next is Chicken Tinola or chicken soup. Adobo is a native Filipino dish having chicken parts seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, sugar  and much garlic.

Chicken Tinola is also a native Filipino soup dish with vegetables and ginger.

Milk and Ice Cream

All of us in the family including our cats are lactose intolerant so we buy fresh milk that are lactose free or with low level of lactose to drink and enjoy. We give our cats fresh milk once in a while.

One time we were eating vanilla ice cream, one of our cats went to my lap and tried to reach for my ice cream. I was surprised to see our cat licked the ice cream hastily.

Rice & Vegetables

Plain Rice is not a favorite of my cats but when it is mixed with sardines or with steamed fish it becomes a delight they cannot resist.

Our cats seldom eat vegetables but when our first female cat got pregnant , I was amazed to see her eat Malunggay  or Moringa leaves boiled with chicken. We tried  feeding her with this vegetables because many say that it will help her produce more milk for her babies.

Those are the food that we love to eat that our cats love to eat too. We hope that there is something you learned from this article. If you liked this article please share it with your friends. Please like and follow us at facebook.com/truehomejoy. Together, let us share True Home Joy.

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