7 Reasons Why You Should Own An Aquarium At Home!

It was more than 10 years ago when my wife and I decided to have an aquarium at home. I remember it was a little tough decision for us to make. In fact, we even listed pros and cons before we finally decided to own one.

After more than 10 years, we still have the same aquarium installed at home though we have renovated and redecorated it a hundred times

I don’t know the exact count of the fishes that have lived in there and passed away. What I can recall is that some stayed for a week while others hung around for a year. The longest probably is around 2 years.  

After losing many lovable little creatures with gills (those times were truly heart breaking), I still consider the decision to have an aquarium at home a good one. Yes it is a good one, even if I had to clean our aquarium once a week and you might be asking why. It is because the benefits it gives outweighs the drawbacks.

Here are the reasons why I am happy to have an aquarium at home.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Aquarium?

1. Kills Our Cat’s Boredom

Before we have 5 cats we used to have one only for three years. In those three years I noticed that next to sleeping our cat loves to watch our aquarium. His head would follow the movements of the fishes from side to side. Sometimes he would try to catch the fish with his claws and tries to break through the glass.

When we had another cat, his time with our aquarium became lesser because he had another cat to play with.

2. A Big Help In Baby Sitting. 

Three of my children were born after we bought our aquarium and I can say that our aquarium helped me a lot when I did the baby sitting while my wife was away.

There were times when I did not know the reason why my babies cried. I checked their diapers and it was dry. I offered milk but they refused. Most probably they missed their mommy. When this happened, I would just show them the fishes in the aquarium and they would be mesmerized and stopped crying.

3. Visitor’s Entertainment.

Our aquarium plays an important role in entertaining our visitors when we cannot not immediately face them for some important reasons. Our cats are aloof to new smell and we cannot expect them to be hospitable to our visitors. Thanks to our aquarium . Our guests have an entertaining view to gaze at while they are waiting for us.  

4. It Initiates Caring of Water Species And Its Habitat.

Having an aquarium at home introduced my children to fishes and other aquatic species.  One time, a child of mine asked me why we should take care of fishes.  I told him of the many benefits they give and the consequences of not doing so.  I also told him the importance of clean water and why we should avoid polluting our rivers, lakes and seas.  I cited our aquarium as an example and why I always ensure its cleanliness.

5. It Relaxes.

Many times, when I come home exhausted, I just sit down on the sofa and stare at our aquarium.  After a while I feel that I am reviving my energy and I am relieved of my tiredness. Staring at our aquarium relaxes me.

6. It Helps Me To Be Healthy

Cleaning our aquarium, replacing its water and rearranging decors is one form of a workout I do every weekend.  Instead of eating while watching TV, our aquarium makes me perspire.

7. Mood Changer.

Our aquarium is placed in our living room. When I am feeling disappointed or sad or angry, I just look at our aquarium and the tension inside me eases down. It changes my mood into peaceful mode.

Those are the seven good reasons why I think that every house should have an aquarium. What about you? What do you think? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.   

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