What cats really hate?

Cats are wonderful creatures. They are lovable, loyal, intelligent, sensitive and most of all funny pets. Many have shared cute pictures and videos of their feline friends which earned a lot of likes and hearts on social media. It is with no doubt that many people love cats.  

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Currently, we live with four cats at home. Well, it is not that difficult living with cats but it is also not that easy especially in the initial days or weeks. I remember when we adopted our second cat (she was already four months old then), she would just be under our coffee table or under our cabinets and would not mingle with us for several days.  

In every relationship, sacrifices are necessary to make it grow deeper each day. This is more challenging when one of the parties cannot speak its mind and cannot verbalize its emotions. When messages are relayed only through actions or motions. In this kind of relationship, the one with more capabilities must be more pro-active and understanding.  

This is the reason why as human beings we need to initiate the kindness towards our cats. We need to communicate our love by doing and giving what they love and avoiding to give and do what they hate.   In this article we will give you an idea on what cats hate or dislike as we share our experiences with our feline pets. 

What are the things that cats dislike? 

New place.

Cat hates being transferred to another a place. As I have mentioned, our second cat took many days before she felt comfortable with us. In her early days at home, she would hide under the cabinets, tables and chairs. She would also roam around at night when she thought that nobody is awake, going from corner to corner, inspecting if there is anything that can cause her harm or if there is any imminent danger to her.


Our cats are not very hospitable. Every time they sense that there is an unfamiliar human scent at home, their eyes, ears, tails and furs would show that they are threatened by the stranger.  The pupils in their eyes would be large or dilated, their ears would be all wide open, their tails are curved with the middle part being raised higher and their furs are straightened up. To avoid feeling insecure, we hide our cats in a room when we have visitors coming over.  

Different Taste 

Our cats won’t eat immediately when new flavor of cat food is served to them. They would smell it first and ignore it if they didn’t like it.  That’s why when we are changing from one flavor or brand to another for any reason, may it be because of price or quality, we introduce it to them gradually. Initially, we mix 2 or three scoops of the new food to the existing food and increase it by one scoop every serving until the old food is removed from the dispenser and the cats get used to the new and different taste. 

Strong Smell 

Our cats would walk away from strong scents or smell such as cologne, a scented candle, body odor or spoiled food. This is because a cat’s sense of smell is many times stronger than us, pet owners. If you don’t want your cats to avoid you then you should avoid having strong scent. 

Stranger Cat 

When we adopted a Persian cat, our Siamese cat felt that her space was intruded.  She wouldn’t want the new Persian cat near her any time or else she would definitely give her a claw. It also took time before they were both adjusted to each other and lived together well.  

As pet owners we need to be watchful if the bullying is hurting already and more than the process of getting to know each other. In the case that the fighting is severe, separate the cats if no one is available to watch over them. Cage the aggressive one if necessary. 

Stranger Dog

This need not be elaborated. What do you think ?

New Dog

Sprinkling or splashing of water 

Our cats hate sprinkling or splashing of water that is why in bathing them, we just use our hands to fetch water from a container and rub it to their skin. Once they are fully wet, we apply shampoo, rub the entire body to clean then rinse them with water , which again is fetched by our hands.  

What are the actions that cats are not very happy to do? 

Riding a vehicle 

It was really troublesome when we had our cat ride with us on our car for the first time. Our cat did not stop meowing, and yowling while moving around the car searching for a way out. We were trying to calm him by cuddling him on our laps but he was just so really fearful. 

The next time we traveled with any of our cat, we put it inside a cage or a cat bag. 

 Taking a bath 

Our cats, just like most of the cats, hate bathing. They hate getting wet. But even though this is the case we still bathe our cats once or twice a year or when they are really dirty. We just don’t pour water or sprinkle on them directly because they hate it so much. 


Our cats won’t mind being embraced for few moments as long as they give us their permission. We do it only when they approach us by either sitting on our lap or rubbing their bodies against ours (specially against our legs when we are standing). 

Our cats hate it when we carry them and embrace them for long moments more so when we embrace them tightly. They also dislike it when we spread their two front legs and try to wrap it around our neck. 

Same with people, to have a long, lasting and loyal friendship we must exert effort to know what our pets hate and never do it or give it to them. Sometime pets, like some people, do not forgive and forget.    

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