What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Salted Eggs?

Our family always include salted eggs in our grocery list. We buy 2 or 3 eggs every two weeks which is the frequency of our visit to the market. Salted eggs are usually colored red. This is for people to distinguish it from the regular eggs although there are also some stores who sell uncolored kind of it. These are usually found in the wet market because most probably the owners of these stores are making it by themselves and they do away with the artificial coloring because it may be messy, can take more time and definitely not naturally healthy.

In the latter part of this article, we will be showing you how to make home-made salted eggs. My husband got the procedure from a book when he was still in high school and he does it every time he can. Before we teach you how, let us first answer the topic question.

What are the benefits of salted eggs?

There are 5 benefits of salted eggs that we thought of. We listed them below.

  1. Cheap but delicious partner of rice. As a Filipino we cannot eat rice without any dish paired with it. We call it “ulam”. At times when we are not able to cook or too lazy to cook having a salted egg in the fridge is a big help. Just add chopped tomato and onion then our meal with cooked rice and “ulam” is taken care of.
  2. Good nourishment of our body. My husband has read that a salted egg contains calcium that is good for our bones, vitamin E that is good for our skin and vitamin A which is good for our eyes. Take note though that eating too much of salted egg may be harmful to your kidney because of its saltiness. In my opinion once or twice a week may be fine.  Please do check with your physician to be sure because it depends on your health condition.
  3.  Good Appetizer. We are not sure if salted egg is considered as an appetizer but in our personal observation salted egg served together with other dishes specially adobo and grilled pork increases the appetite of many.
  4. Use as a delighting topping. It can be a topping to a noodle dish dry or with soup, vegetable salad, in sautéed vegetables, in sweet sour pork or fish and many more. The unique taste of salted egg can make many dishes more delicious.
  5.  Prolong the life of the egg. Eggs of chickens and ducks can be brined to become salted egg. The eggs you bought from the supermarket may not be farm fresh anymore and you may not be able to store it for a very long time.  In my experience eggs that I bought in the market can last from two weeks into a month. When we cannot cook the eggs after three weeks then we turn them into salted eggs. How?  This is next. Please continue reading.

How to make your own salted egg?

You can make your own salted eggs in five easy steps.

One. Wash the egg and put it in a canister or container with cover.

Chicken Egg Soaked in Water

Two. Add ¼ cup of salt, cover the container and let it sit for a month. Ensure that eggs are completely soaked in the water.

1/4 cup of salt
Eggs in brine solution

Three. Regularly check the container. If the salts are already fully dissolved add another 2 tablespoons. Repeat this procedure for one month.  This is to ensure that there are salts to be absorbed by the egg/s.

Four. After one month, remove the eggs from the brine solution (salt and water solution) and boil it for 8 to 10 minutes.

Five. Place the eggs inside the refrigerator to cool down. Salted eggs can last up to two months inside the fridge.  Serve with chopped onions or tomato.

Salted Egg after boiling.
Salted Egg with onions

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