Good Reasons Why I Pray The Rosary? 

As I have known for a long time a rosary is that string of beads used for praying.  Recently, I learned that when the prayer is being referred to it is spelled with a capital letter “R” such as “Rosary” otherwise when the string of beads is being referred to it is spelled with a small letter “r” such as “rosary”.  

In Catholicism, a rosary has 59 beads with a crucifix knotted before the first bead.  A prayer is recited for each small bead. The larger beads represent significant events in the life of Jesus and Mary which are mostly lifted from the Holy Bible. These events are called mysteries. 

The mysteries are grouped together according to the message or theme it conveys. Currently, there are four groups of mysteries being prayed in a week. Joyful mysteries are prayed every Monday and Saturday. Sorrowful mysteries are prayed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Luminous mysteries are prayed on Tuesdays while Glorious mysteries are prayed every Wednesday and Sunday. 

All the members of our family know how to pray the Rosary. My husband learned it as early as he was five years old. I learned it when I was in high school. We taught our children how to pray it and it was strengthened at their school which is ran by nuns.  As a family, we don’t pray it together regularly because of our conflicting schedules but we pray it as often as we can especially in the month of October because it is the month dedicated by the Catholic Church as the “Month of the Rosary” 

As Catholics, we believe in the value of praying the Rosary. As for me, it gives spiritual and emotional benefits that I will share with you in this article. 

Spiritual Benefits. 

First, it makes me reflect on the passion of Christ our Lord who is at the center of my faith. In the 20 mysteries of the Rosary, 15 of it are about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praying the Rosary inspires me to imitate Jesus Christ. It encourages me to try being Christ-like in what I do.  

Second, it is a constant reminder of my faith. In praying the Rosary, ‘The Creed’ is being recited first. It is when I announce and reiterate my Catholic beliefs so that they remain in my heart and mind for always. Also, reciting the mysteries fortifies my trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.   

Third, praying the Rosary gives honor to our Mother Mary. The bible states that everyone will call the mother of Jesus blessed. Praying the Rosary is a fulfillment of that scripture. 

Fourth, praying the Rosary makes my faith stronger. It makes me feel closer to Jesus and to Mama Mary. It inspires me to do good.  

Fifth, I believe that I earn indulgence in praying the Rosary. In Catholicism, indulgence is a reduction to punishment for sins committed.  

Emotional Benefits 

First, it makes me calm. Whatever the day gave me, I feel relieved and comforted when I get hold of my rosary, close my eyes and start praying. It helps me forget the pressures I have been with and the troubles I dealt earlier.   

Second, praying the Rosary makes me realize my shortcomings and admit my mistakes. It motivates me to improve and do better. The Rosary prompts me to beg for forgiveness when I offended the Lord and others. 

Third, it helps me bond my family together. I remember a priest when I was young, his name was Father Patrick Peyton and he said that the family that prays together stays together. I truly feel that it is true when my husband and my children pray the Rosary with me.  

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