What are the skin-care benefits of Oregano?

Oregano is one of the herbs that brings a lot of benefits. It is one good spice for cooking. It cures cough and colds; it prevents different kinds of diseases especially cancer and lung problems but most of all it is a healthy inclusion to a tea blend. Planting and growing oregano is easy. It is a very low maintenance plant. We suggest reading our article about it to know how easy it is. Please click the link below.  


In the above article, we did not only share how we cared for oregano but we also provided reasons why we believe that oregano is truly healthy. In this article, we will add to those reasons by sharing the skin-care benefits of the oregano plant. Please continue reading.  

What skin problems can Oregano cure? 

Oregano contains natural antifungal component that can cure skin diseases caused by fungi. For some years now, our family has used oregano to fight and prevent fungal infection. Instead of buying anti-fungal creams we rely on the potency of oregano to cure the following fungal infection.  

  1. Ringworm 
  1. Athlete’s foot 
  1. Jock Itch 
  1. Dandruff. 

For ring worm and athlete’s foot, what we do is that we crush about 4-5 leaves of oregano, apply it on top of the affected area and cover it with a clean cloth or a bandage before sleeping. We remove the bandage once we wake up in morning. We do it for five days or until the infection is healed.  

In case of Jock itch and dandruff, we rub the crushed oregano on the affected area and let it stay for at least 30 minutes before going to bed then rinse it with warm water and soap or shampoo (for dandruff). Of course, it is more effective to let it stay longer. Another way to treat Jock itch and dandruff using oregano is to make oregano oil. The steps on how we make oregano oil is shared below. Please continue reading,    

Oregano tea or juice once a day .

In addition to the topical application, we also drink Oregano tea or Oregano juice once a day for faster healing of the skin problem.   

To make Oregano tea or juice we tear at least 5 Oregano leaves into small pieces, put in our mini blender, add drinking water and blend it for at least 3 minutes. We pour it in a cup or glass. To make a hot tea, we add hot water and to make a cold drink we add ice and more water. We also drop a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it a bit. 

How to make Oregano oil?  

As a treatment for dandruff Oregano oil is better used than the crushed leaves. It does not just get rid of dandruff but it can also make your hair shiny. The same with treating Jock itch, it is more comfortable to apply oil to the affected areas rather than rubbing the crushed leaves. Plus, the oil helps the skin stay dry which prevents the fungi from spreading,   

Below are the steps we do to make oregano oil. 

What we need?  

At least 5 leaves of oregano leaves and few stems 

¼ cup of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil (better if extra virgin) 

Mortar and pestle (optional) 

A cooking pot 

Clean empty glass canister with cover 

How to do it? 

  1. Wash the oregano leaves and the stems 
  1. Cut stems into small pieces. 
  1. Crush oregano leaves and stems using mortar and pestle(or by bare hands). 
  1. Transfer crushed leaves and stems to the canister. 
  1. Pour the oil into the canister. 
  1. Boil water in a pot. Enough to soak the half of the canister. 
  1. Turnoff the cooker or stove when the water boils. 
  1. Cover the canister and soak it into the hot water. Let it sit there for 15 minutes 
  1. Remove the canister from the hot water. Expose it to the sun for 2 weeks. Shaking softly as often as possible. Minimum is every two days. This is to extract the juice from the Oregano leaves and stems.  

Please click the link below for the filmed procedure.


After two weeks oregano oil is ready to be used. Enjoy its aroma and be amazed of its skin care benefits.


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