How to Avoid Clogged Kitchen Sink?

A clogged kitchen sink is not a big problem but neither it is a simple one.  A clogged kitchen sink can be an irritant that can affect you and your entire household.  Your kitchen activities will definitely be affected once that sink stop draining water the way it usually does. These impacts will prompt you to fix this problem as soon as possible or ASAP.  

What if after trying several methods, trying different chemicals and trying different techniques the sink remains clogged? What a frustrating situation, isn’t it?   It is what we have experienced at home not so long ago. Our kitchen was so clogged that we had to hire a plumber and realign our pipelines.  For us, it was more frustrating because we had to incur additional expense.  

After our pipes were realigned and our clogging problem resolved, we followed the advices of our friends and some forwarded hacks we received in our group chats in preventing the repeat of the same bad experience.  We are going to share in this article these   precautionary measures we applied to lessen the chance, if not totally eliminate, of our sink getting clogged again.  We hope that you don’t undergo the same problem we have undergone.  

What are the ways to avoid clogging your kitchen sink? 

  1. Never throw things that are oily and greasy to the sink. These elements solidifies when they cool down wrapping other small scraps accumulated inside the drain. When not broken down immediately it can turn into something that is as hard as a stone which will be very difficult to dissolve and will create your clogging problem.

Soups and sauces contain oil and fats too. Never throw them on your sink. You can pour it in a pet     bottle or a can and include it in the garbage to be collected.  If you have a garden then you can allot a pot filled with earth where you can dump sauces and soups. 

If you really have to pour soup to the sink, turn on the faucet and let the water flow as you pour the soup. In this way , soup flows with the water down to the drainage preventing its build up.  

 It will also be good if you can wipe your sauced plates, utensils or pans with tissue paper or grocery paper bags before washing them to ensure that nothing of it goes to the drainage.  

Sauced Spoon

We currently do that at home and add the papers to our compost bin. Click the link below to know more about it.
  1.   Never throw food scraps on the sink. These food scraps once decayed solidify together with the fats, grease and oil. Filter these scraps and throw them properly.   

Kitchen sink strainer may have large holes and may be difficult to wash. There are disposable kitchen filter bags available in online shops that can make your life easier.  But if you are on a budget and you want to recycle things then you can use an old strainer to filter these scraps just like we did.   

Recycled Strainer
  1. Avoid using detergent soap, soap powder or dishwashing paste for cleaning plates and utensils. These contain oil and grease that can add to the buildup of obstructions when not dissolved totally.  We suggest to use dish washing liquid which can flow with the water when rinsing.
  2. Do regular maintenance.You may choose one or two items below.  .  
  • Pour hot water once a week

  Oil, grease and fats can disintegrate with hot water. Pour hot water once a week to the sink to avoid turning them into a hard solid blockage in the pipe.   

  • Pump some air pressure once a month

    You can also pump some air pressure to the drain using an air pressured de clogger to destruct any obstruction build up.  

Air Pressured De Clogging Pump
  • Push a de clogging snake into the pipe once a month.

To destroy whatever is building up before it becomes a real hard blockage, push a de clogging snake into the pipe of the sink once a month.   

De Clogging Snake
  • Pour some de clogging chemicals once a month

   You can pour de clogging chemical such as liquid lye once a month to dissolve obstruction while it is not too hard yet.  

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