How To Care For A Pregnant Cat ?

Cats are loving pets. It can let you feel its love in many ways. Our cats, would sit on my lap or lie beside me while I watch a movie or scribble for my blog. They seem to let me feel that I will always have company and will never be alone as long as they are around. That’s why me and my family truly care for our cats. 

There are special times when our cats need special attention. These are when they are sick, in heat or and when they are pregnant (applicable to our female cats of course). We have written a blog about how we cared for our wounded cat and you can read the full story by clicking this link.

Now, what we are going to share with you in this blog is how we care for our pregnant cats. In the last five years we have experienced more than 5 pregnancies and deliveries among our female cats. For this reason, we can say that we already got the hang of it. 

Pregnant cats can naturally take care of themselves and their offspring but in the case where they cannot roam around and find what they naturally need because they stay with you in a suburban area and probably living in an apartment or subdivision village. As pet owners you have to ensure that your pregnant cats are given what they need. What are they? 

Nutritious food

Pregnant cats need more calories, proteins & calcium. More calories to supply the energy needed for bearing kittens and support lactation. More proteins to ensure kitten’s growth and development. And more Calcium for stronger bones for both the mommy cat and the baby kittens. Choose cat food that are high in those nutrients for healthy pregnancy and delivery of your cat. 

As pet owners, we add natural food to the diet of our pregnant cats. We feed them with steamed chicken, fish or pork.   

Caressing or cuddling

What we notice with our cats few weeks before they give birth is that they seem to ask for more cuddling. It would meow sweetly and lie in front of us with legs open showing its pregnant bump. When they do this, we respond by caressing their stomach and their whole body. Cats’ pregnancy usually lasts 9 weeks. Click the link below to see the video.


Cats can naturally protect themselves when they are pregnant. We noticed that our pregnant cats would isolate themselves when they conceive. They also seem to be defensive, ready to give a claw to anyone who they think would harm them. 

That is why we protect our pregnant cats from the tom cats who may still want to mate with them. We protect them by confining them to a room or caging the tom cats until the soon-to-be mommy gives birth. Of course, It depends on the situation as we observe it. If the tom cat disturbs the pregnant cat less often then we let them be.

Please take note also that we avoid carrying our cats when the pregnancy bump is noticeable already. This is to avoid any accidental falling or mishandling that may lead to miscarriage. We also tell our children to avoid playing with our pregnant cats to avoid stressing them.  

Safe and comfortable place for delivery 

 Cats would look for a safe and suitable place where they can deliver their kittens. If your cats are indoor, you need to provide that place. You can buy from pet stores a box or cat bedding and put it in a dark place or with dim lights. For our cats we created their pet house out of recyclable materials such as milk boxes and cake carton plates. Please click the link below for the video.

You may also want to check out our blog about caring for cats when you are on a budget. Please click the link below.

Veterinary Attention 

This maybe optional but if you have a budget, you may want to consult a vet for a more safe pregnancy and successful delivery of healthy kittens.  

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