Is It Really Ok For Babies To Cry For Hours?

I don’t know about you but for me it is not ok for my baby to cry for hours. I am a father of 4 children, two daughters and two sons and I have taken care of them together with my wife for many years now. Honestly, I have not yet seen and heard my children cry for more than an hour. It just feels awful if I hear them cry loud and long. That is why we do things to comfort them immediately and stop them from crying,

There are many reasons why a baby cry and as a parent you shall learn that there is a systematic way of knowing the reason for the sudden wailing of your cute little baby. This is an unsolicited advice coming from an old daddy to new ones. Welcome new daddy! My suggestions are what I experienced when my children were infants until they became 2 years of age.   

What do I do when my baby cry? 

Check the diaper. I check the diaper immediately to know if my baby pooped or if the diaper is already full with urine. Dirty diaper makes the baby uncomfortable and must be replaced with fresh one immediately as it can cause rashes. I suggest to buy a diaper with urine level indicator to know if a replacement is needed. You can try using diapers that are intended to last over night without changing. This may give you and your baby comfort. 

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Check the feeding time. If diaper is ok and need not be replaced then I check the clock for his/her feeding time. My baby might be hungry already. My wife and I decided to feed our babies more breastmilk than infant formula. We serve them infant formula when the pumped breast milk is already consumed or already spoiled.  

Check the temperature. If the diaper is not for changing and my baby is not hungry then I check the temperature. If the body temperature of my baby is 37.5 – 37.7 then my baby is feverish. During this scenario my baby may be feeling cold so I lift my baby and hug him or her closer to give him or her a little bit of my warmth. 

 If the body temperature is 37.8 but below 38.5 then it is already a fever. I give my baby a paracetamol as prescriber by his or her pediatrician. 

If my baby’s temperature is 38.5 and above and he or she cries continuously for more than 30 minutes then I bring him or her to the hospital.  

Hot weather makes a baby uncomfortable. If your baby is perspiring then there is high chance that he or she would cry. When this happens, I turn on the fan or the air-condition to cool my baby down.  

Check the skin. If my baby has normal temperature, not hungry and with fresh diaper then I check his or her skin for insect bites or rashes. These can also be the cause of crying for babies. As a remedy, i apply moisturizer for babies to soothe the itch or the pain of from the rashes.

Check for gas pains. Gas pains may be caused by too much crying or by swallowing air during feeding using a bottle. My wife and I use Aciete de Manzanilla in relieving gas pains in our family. We apply moderate amount of it to the stomach and rub gently.  

Lastly, if my baby is still crying without any of the five reasons above then it may be that he or she misses us, his/her mom and dad. So, we just cuddle our baby and let him or her feel all our love.      

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